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EPIK™ is an online art gallery pushing the limits of how people experience modern day art. 

Founded in 2017 with one goal in mind - to provide inspiring wall art that everyone can afford. No longer are the days when the rich and famous are the only ones that can decorate their home or office with awesome art. Now you can too.

Our canvases are handmade from start to finish for every order. We use high quality and eco-friendly inks that are latex free. We might not be the biggest brand out there, but what sets us apart from the competition is the level of pride, quality of craftsmanship, and attention to detail that we put into every single canvas.

We guarantee that you will not receive a canvas that we wouldn't be proud to hang on the walls of our homes. If you do have any problems at all, then our excellent customer service team will make it right!



The artwork and designs you find on EPIK™ are created from artists around the world. We try to draw inspiration and embody the things we see and experience daily that give us motivation, as well as some of the most iconic figures and pop culture subjects of our time and past.

Every purchase pays an artist for their hard work! Through our amazing customers, we are able to support artists from around the world and help them sell their work while they continue to create new art. You will find the artist's info on their collection pages and we highly suggest you show some love by following them on social media and sharing their work with others.


All of our canvases are acid free, archival quality giclee prints with certified HP inks. The stretcher bars we use are hand jointed solid pine wood that will not bend, break, or sag over time. We print with the highest resolution files to guarantee a vibrant color and consistent outcome for every single canvas.


To encourage creative expression and individuality through quality, affordable canvas art. 



Below are the values that define us as a company. We use them to find like-minded individuals and weed out those who may clash ineffectively. We use these values as our lanes to guide us forward as a team. 


  • You utilize your creative side to problem solve effectively
  • You always strive to express your most authentic self
  • You think for yourself, even when it deviates from others
  • You recognize you are an equal part of this team


  • You strive to perform at consistently high levels
  • You always push the boundaries of what can be done
  • If you say you’re going to do something, you do it and get it done
  • You believe in showing the results of your work over the appearance of looking like you’re working


  • You are direct
  • You are always open and honest
  • You say what you mean
  • You have a backbone
  • When you disagree, you disagree and commit to your argument

Continuous Improvement:

  • You are never willing to settle
  • You are always willing to pivot if something is not working
  • You recognize there is always more than one solution to a problem 
  • You are always flexible


You create, then sit back and let us print, fulfill, market, and everything else in-between. If you would like to sell your art on EPIK™ click here for more information.

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